We are seeking just eight families, THE TRANSYLVANIA EIGHT, who deep in their hearts are seeking to experience that one, transformative family adventure they have been looking for, that will launch a completely new chapter and journey in their lives, forever altering their family course.

This is the framework that we will build and realise together as a group of families in Jacksonville, Oregon. While this takes sheer will, determination, immersion, and a willingness to go beyond the boundaries of your comfort, the rewards on the other side will see you and your family create a framework for living and a family story that will serve each of your family members in all of your meaningful pursuits, for the rest of your lives.

Just 8 Families
14 Days




Is there a more inspiring life out there for all of us?

Are we living our lives intentionally?

Is life taking us in unintended, perhaps, separate directions?

Is it our intention to live a more meaningful and connected life together?

What would it take for us to create and live the life of our dreams?

What's really stopping us from seeing this through together?

Then this experience may be

the one for your family in 2020!


In this all-immersive, fully inclusive two week gathering, we will experience some of the most spectacular human and cultural experiences that Transylvania has to offer, but this is no family vacation.

Our experience is perhaps an unmatched one, as it calls each member of your family—young and old—to embark upon a learning journey, one that will require them to participate fully, and experience the adventure both individually and together. It is perhaps also, the first and only, completely integrated learning experience where children and adults have equal stake and equal responsibility in the learning framework.

Your children will be empowered in an environment of respect and support to realise their potential as full stakeholders in the family's creative process. They will also have the chance to lead us all in that child - like playful manner, through story and enchantment, in fully integrated learning sessions, that will transform the way we come to understand the family dynamic.


This takes great effort, will, courage, trust, a very real level of authenticity, integrity, vulnerability and loving kindness. This retreat will call you to question the deepest aspects of the lives you have led, challenging you on every level to look inwards and examine what it is you find. It will also offer the opportunity to illuminate and disentangle the physical and energetic intergenerational entanglements and burdens that we have all carried with us as families that no longer serve us.

Simultaneously, you will be experiencing an avenue of learning, that even with every messy, complex, perfectly imperfect aspect of family life, will offer you a safe haven, and a way in which you can listen to and hear that long quietened inner voice, taking confidence from the direction it offers you. From this, you will forge a family story, one that will weave each of your family member's unique strengths, gifts, creativity and love into the Family Story that you can all live together, in loving fulfillment for the rest of your lives.

For your opportunity to apply for this once in a
lifetime experience of learning, adventure and transformation, declare your interest here.

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Give your family the freedom to live your life together from the heart.


❁ All transformative and interactive awareness inspired learning sessions,

roundtables, panels, discussion groups, conversations, and introspective

activities necessary for your family’s transformation. This is the entire learning

program with some of the most innovative and integrated activities and approaches

to learning and mindfulness practice, with ample opportunity for personal reflection and integration.

❁ The entire children’s program is the first of its kind. It is intended to foster the development of free thinking, fully empowered people, who can actively take leading roles in the co-creation of your family's story and life. Our children's program is mindfully integrated with the adult program of learning, and has been carefully designed for all age groups, intended to converge with and complement all the adult sessions.

❁ Your own personal family co-facilitator, who will be assigned to your family throughout the course of the retreat to ensure that your family’s experience is an exceptional one.

❁ 13 nights of accommodation on-site at our beautiful Transylvanian resort. (With ample and spacious accommodations for the whole family, set in stylishly appointed rustic wood log cabin style, with all the modern conveniences)

❁ 13 delicious, local, and organic breakfasts with an array of healthful options and choices.

❁ 10 delicious healthful lunches.

❁ 13 delicious mindfully created healthful dinners, sourced from local organic gardens and growers, intended to enhance your overall learning and retreat experience.

❁ Access to the whole resort’s facilities including pool, sauna, spa, football and tennis courts, relaxation areas, playgrounds and more…Ample time reserved specifically for introspection, family integration, discussion, downtime, etc.

❁ The special cultural experience and excursion to The 1000 Székely Girl Festival.

❁ An outing to a traditional Székely Transylvanian home, where we will practice first-hand the arts, crafts and traditional practices of the Székely Hungarian People, including weaving, wood carving and traditional wood painting.

❁ 4 Excursions to some of the most spectacular, adventurous, and culturally significant locations in Transylvania, complete with all activities included.

❁ Expert guides, artisans and local stories to guide our experiences on our excursions.

❁ Entrance fees to any excursion places we visit together in Transylvania

❁ 3 Culturally inspired onsite activities to engage, entrance and excite adults and children alike, including the making of our own traditional Chimney Cakes.

❁ Transportation from the point of your arrival in Transylvania to the resort on June 29, 2020.

❁ Transportation from the resort to your point of departure from Transylvania on July 12, 2020.

The Kaponay Family Journey...

Ten years ago, the Kaponay family together made a conscious choice to embrace change as the catalyst to creating a transformational way of living that constantly reinvested in learning and developing, together as a family.

This investment and their subsequent adventures has taken them to over 50 countries on 6 continents over the last nine years. Their passion from learning from all the families they met along their journey and their realisation for endless choice of possibilities for joyful living was the inspiration for creating this retreat.

Along their travels, they noticed the ever encroaching harmful ways stress, overwork, overcommitment and societal narratives, were taking families in separate directions and causing harm and disintegration to the health and well-being of families.

The Kaponay Family longed to share with families what they had learned. To create a framework by which families in their daily lives, could not only recapture that togetherness that was always theirs, but also, to help facilitate a way all families could, live and dream into being their own family story in the unique, dignified way in which they envisioned it.

This was how At Home In The World Family Retreats was born, and its very name embodies every aspect of this possibility as a constant in life.

To be at home with yourself is a core vital step to being at home with your family, and at home with the world, no matter where or how you live.


Give your family the freedom to live your life together from the heart.

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