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Project Description

There is a type of learning that encompasses not only the acquisition of knowledge, but looks deeper to the meaning and significance of that learning experience, which comes to be the embodiment of wisdom. This is the type of learning we will aim for you and your family to experience and be a part of in the rich heart of Transylvania. All, in a fun and playful manner, with connective experiences, games, stories and self-organised coursework, mindfully designed to engage every family member’s curiosity, fantasy, interest, sense of adventure and participation.

As learning is a major focus to all our journeys, we will explore a most comprehensive spectrum of topics essential to living and thriving on the road. We will hold nothing back from what we as two families have learned from living and working on the road, managing finances, creating new ventures, traveling on an economical budget, investing, travel logistics, and learning together as a family. However, over the course of our 21 days together, our programme will allow us unprecedented opportunity to explore, discuss and contemplate in great depth some of the biggest questions that drive us on our journeys, those questions that get to the very heart of the treasures of Why we feel so at home in the world.

These will focus in not only on how we sustain our physical and emotional well-being as families on the road, but also on how we can learn to thrive and grow together in the creation of our own collective stories of success.  We feel confident that what we have planned will be a learning experience that will be unlike any other you have experienced to date as a family, one that will not only capture your imagination and fantasy, but will inspire you to expand your boundaries, just that little more.

By the time we have to part, we trust you will be able to leave not only with the knowledge, but also the foundations of your own family wisdom needed to experience sustainable and transformative long-term family travel. Perhaps most importantly, we will aim to co-create with you all an experience, from which, long-lasting connections and friendships can evolve into a supportive community of families, who in their empathy, understanding and compassion for each other, will feel at home in the world as they travel their journeys.

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