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Project Description

Transylvania is a beautifully natural, energetic place of wonderment, as yet still untapped by the over-commercialism of western tourism. It is a gem of experiences and stories waiting to be told. It is also an often misunderstood icon for fantasy and adventure that relates very little to its actual history, culture and its richly deep stories that have formed it and continue to shape it to this very day. This is the location we have chosen for your family and our retreat, because we feel its unmatched natural beauty, its energies, its people, their stories and legends will play a unique role in ultimately shaping your family’s journey at being at home in the world.

Location is everything and this one has the diversity, energy, ecology and mystery to make this adventure a once in a life-time experience to treasure. Set in the heart of Hargita County, Zetelaka will be the perfect base from where we will launch our adventure of learning, discovery and transformation.



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