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Project Description

Transylvania is steeped in cultural riches with many of its national customs dating back from well over a Millenia-ago.  Our experiential approach to cultural immersion will take us on a journey rich in story, dance, music, and artesian culture that defines not only a region, but its people. We have planned and organised for an experience that not many visitors to Transylvania truly get to experience. One that will involve the jewel in the crown of authentic cultural events, the 1000 Székely Girl Festival, an iconic cultural gathering held once a year, atop the natural and beautiful mountain-tops surrounding Csíkszereda.

This festival embodies the essence and meaning behind the Székely People’s culture, where young men and women wake with the dawn to make the journey from their villages, from the surrounding 50km radius, by horse-drawn-cart, singing their local folksongs along the way and savouring the traditions of their cultural heritage in a day of festivities that includes singing, dancing, culinary delights and the celebration of locally hand-made arts and crafts. Here we will get the real feeling for what it is to be Székely and indeed Transylvanian.

All of our cultural experiences have been carefully chosen so that we too can learn from them and immerse ourselves in their meaning. To have the opportunity to learn experientially from the locals and to understand the significance of their more than thousand year old culture. Once we have experienced the day of festivities and culture that is the 1000 Székely Girl Festival, we too will get to learn the very dances that are danced by the locals. Local villagers will come and teach us the local dances of surrounding regions and the significance and events that shaped them, how they evolved and what was the meaning behind each step and style of dance.

We will get to experience Székely storytelling, humour, warmth and its world-renowned hospitality in all its facets. Overall, we are confident that these experience will have deep effect on your hearts and leave you with stories and a culture of your own to share along your upcoming journeys.


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