Project Description

Adventure, amazement, and wondrous experiences await your family over our 21 days together, where we have crafted some of the most spectacular outings Transylvania can offer. Together we will visit some of the most iconic, as well as some of the least known, yet best kept secrets and treasures of the Transylvanian countryside. What will make the experiences even more captivating will be the breadth, range and diversity of the places, ecology, and experiences we have planned.

From naturally occurring geo-thermal hot-springs, to a wellness day opportunity to soak in a pool as salty as the Dead Sea. We will also visit the spectacular Transfogaras Mountain Pass, high in the Carpathian Mountain ranges, where it is known to snow even in July. We will hike in some of the most stunning mountain vistas, and get to enjoy the natural wonders, such as the sulphur caves of The Bálványos, and the volcanic caldera St. Anna lake, whose water approaches distilled water in it’s purity. We will delve to the depths of the earth, visiting what can only be described as the magnificent salt-mine of Torda, with its spectacularly carved underground architectural feats of wonder, as well as taking a trip to the Balu-Treetops Adventure Park, at the plateau of the Hargita.

And this is just the overview of the adventures we have waiting for you, all of which will be visited from the comfort of our own private air-conditioned coach that will take us to and from our locations.


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