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Everything we have envisioned and planned for your family’s stay centres around creating an experience that we trust will stay with you and your family for a lifetime. Something that will capture the imagination of each member of your family, engaging them wholeheartedly, leaving a warm and lasting impression. In this, we have created a balance of meaningful, fun, and interactive, from the local Transylvanian Székély Culture, to making the most of the natural beauty of our surrounding environment, with plenty for children big and small, as well as the child within all of us.

We will have local villagers join us to share with us their age-old secrets of baking traditional Transylvanian Potato Bread from scratch all in a wood-fired oven, as well as learning to make Kürtös Kalács / Chimney Cake. that uniquely Transylvanian sweet, that has become a global sensation all throughout the world, all using locally sourced products that benefit the local community.

We will make the most of the local surrounding treasures of our accommodations, with activities such as horse-riding, hiking, bike-riding, river-rafting and tree-tops adventures. A local guide will take us foresting, into the ancient forests to learn about its bounties, the local herbs and shrubs, their health and healing effects and how to harvest them sustainably. Together, we will learn how to traditionally prepare a Mushroom Paprikás over an open fired cauldron.

Our nights will be lit by the Bon-Fire, gathering around its warmth to share our stories and tell our tales. There will also be many opportunities for us to interact with and learn from the locals and their stories, where we will learn both the significance and meaning behind their traditions and the purpose and effect these traditions have in creating and maintaining local community.

All in all, everything we have prepared will be a uniquely Transylvanian adventure, one that you and your family will be sharing the stories of all along journey.

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