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This is more than just a name…it is a meaningful way for living your life happily with your family wherever your are!

We chose the title At Home In The World for our retreat not only because it aptly describes a sustainable way to learn and thrive through long-term family travel, but more so, because it authentically describes in one sentence how we feel about the way we live our lives. We feel at home in the world, wherever we are, because we are able to be together, and experience all the challenges and joys that life brings us, as we travel the world.

After a collective 14 years of traveling the world, we felt strongly that it was time to cultivate community, a time to share our stories, experiences and bring together 10 families to co-create something out of the ordinary.


The stories, friendships, adventures, challenges, learning and transformation we have experienced as two families over a collective 14 years of traveling the world are our real treasures. We sincerely wish to share these experiences with your family. Discover what has made us feel At Home in the World. 

Kaponay Family

Over the course of the last seven years, our family, (George (48), Bobi(47), Réka (16) and Lalika (16)), has experienced a continuous adventure of learning and discovery, which, to date, has seen us travel to and live in 41 countries on six continents. From our adventures and individual aspirations, we came to realise the true magnitude in the power of stories and how important it was for families to create their own collective story of success, one woven directly from the fibres, fabrics and dreams of each family member’s story.

We learnt that everyone has a very important story to tell and when told in the light of the hero’s arc, it could captivate the attention of the world.  Along the course of our journey were quite surprised to learn that our story as a family, sustainably traveling the world long-term, on a very small budget, where the world was our teacher, inspired other families to sincerely question their own lives and some to even ask ‘Could this type of journey be the one for my family?’. This somewhat changed the course of our journey and led us all to ask what it was we could do to help other families answer these questions.

We turned to the happiness we as a family experienced and questioned what it was that truly fuelled our journey. We found an answer founded in our ability to be together, to listen deeply, lovingly and empathetically to each other, to learn from and be inspired by the stories of the people we encountered in our travels, as well as to listen to that guiding inner voice of intuition. We played and created games to develop this curiosity and eventually found that great strength in creating our own collective story. The one that wove everyone’s individual aspirations into a mutually created story of success. One that was well grounded in the transformational experiences we had lived through our travels and one that harnessed everyone’s strengths and passions in a collectively envisioned, clear direction of our future success, creating a momentum that was unstoppable.

From this was born our own authentic family venture, which, in the last three years has seen fruits in our daughter becoming one of the world’s youngest published authors, when at 14 years old, her debut fantasy adventure novel, Dawn of the Guardian, inspired by our travels, was published. It has seen our son at 16 launch his true passion and first entrepreneurial venture, a Travel Concierge Service called Destinator Travel.  It has also our family launch Labour of Love, our service dedicated to helping other families, groups and organisations realise the power of their own stories of success, all through a carefully facilitated set of self-management principles and methodologies we created together, incorporating intuition as the guide, and story as that commonly held narrative and substance to the journey.

We receive great pleasure in sharing our stories and experiences and deeply listening to and learning from others’ stories. We value and respect the cultures, beliefs and stories of all peoples of the world and have a deep respect and love for the earth and all living things. We sincerely enjoy sharing how it is possible to travel the world, with all you need, today, not having to wait, and how it has been possible for families like ours to  travel and live well on a very small budget (approx. $18,000/year for four people). We are also excited about the upcoming projects that we are involved in, including the project with The Pearce family to tell the story of families, who like ours, are thriving through the transformational and connective experiences that long-term family travel has to offer, through our film Into the Wind.

We look forward to taking our part in helping to co-create a burgeoning community of families in the world, who can see the value in a life lived together, sharing stories as a family, at home in the world. We are very excited at the prospect of seeing your family thrive in Transylvania in June of 2018!

Pearce Family

We have been traveling the world together since 2009. During that time, we’ve visited and lived in over 36 countries with our three daughters: Emily (14), Marie (12), and Aysia (6). After selling our home and possessions in the USA, we first moved to Costa Rica where our youngest daughter was born. We now have experience traveling with kids of every age from 0-14.

During our travels, our family has volunteered at rescue centers and schools, experienced some of the earth’s most inspiring natural and man-made wonders, and visited with people from all walks of life. Travel has been a catalyst for personal growth and learning, helping us better understand who we are, what we believe, how the world works, and how we can contribute. It has also brought us closer together as a family.

Our travels are funded mostly through Brandon’s online business, MusicTeachersHelper , which he began in 2004 and grew to the high six figure level while living a “4-hour workweek” lifestyle.

Our family now puts its energies into other projects we’re passionate about, such as this retreat, as well as the Family Adventure Summit , which is an annual 3-day live event for families interested in long-term travel, location independence, alternative education, relationships, and more. With engaging speakers, immersive discussions, and a fun and educational kids program, it’s the highlight of the year for many families, and a great way to connect with other family travelers.

Jennifer is also a certified high performance coach and is passionate about dreamwork, authenticity, and developing connecting relationships.

We also love to share our insights on our family blog, to inspire others to create a life they love, and to love the life they’re creating, every step of the way.

We so look forward to welcoming you to our family retreat in Transylvania in June 2018!

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