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Come Fly With Me To Transylvania

Then we place the two big suitcases onto the scale for them to be weighed and transported by conveyer belt to the plane’s hold. We have five extra carry-ons left, two of them oversized. The attendant looks over at them. As deft as  Obi Wan Kenobi, we use the Jedi Mind Trick flashing a smile and waving our hand saying, “You don’t need to see these suitcases”.

“We don’t need to see these suitcases” the attendant repeats.

“Here are your boarding passes,” we say.

“Here are your boarding passes,” she repeats.

“Have a nice flight!” we say

“Have a nice flight!” she repeats.

“Move along.”

“Move along.”

This gets us all into Mos Eisely without The Empire’s attention…UH! I mean on the airplane.

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